Full Network Transparency

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The aim of service analyses is to support companies in the monitoring of KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) and to support "right sizing " of the network. Various technical parameters are monitored and reviewed on threshold violations. This threshold violations are used as meta information to calculate and display the status of the services (= KPI's).


Each service element has a lower and an upper threshold configured, where a violation is either below the lower or exceeding the upper threshold. These threshold violations are then displayed. The thresholds are checked every minute, the percentage of threshold violations thus refer to 1-minute intervals of a day.
100% therefore means threshold violations in all 1440 minutes of one day.

This "number of threshold violations" of the various service elements are then aggregated to into services. These services get assigned a status according to the rules.


Furthermore, service groups can be defined, which combine various services in order to get a quick overview.
Using bandwidth service elements, it is possible to analyze and to monitor different areas of IsarFlow for thresholds (interface and IP Views, SNMP interfaces). These more complex definitions (e.g. bandwidth thresholds of IP views) expand the capabilities of IsarFlow much.


Other service elements are available, such as IP-SLA or QoS parameters. These can be shown in the overview as a table. Of course Drill Downs are available here to find the cause of a critical service very quickly.